Sunday, May 24, 2009

Neta Wolpe Jewelry Design

Neta Wolpe is an Israeli jewelry designer whose jewelry often reminds me of vintage and antique jewelry. Her jewelry is a deep golden yellow gold that seems to bring together old and new. Some of her jewelry designs seem to be influenced by Judica and some seem to be influenced by Middle Eastern jewelry.

Neta Wolpe has a jewelry shop in the Tel Aviv Yemenite Quarter which is right by the Carmel Market and Nachalat Benyamin craft shopping bazaar.


jaywave said...

Neta is among the most talented Israeli designers I have come across.
I am proud to offer a selection of her work at my website that features Israeli artists.

Mia said...

Hi Jaywave, thanks for commenting. Where are you located?

jaywave said...

Hi Mia, is a U.S. based website that features Israeli Jeewelry Designers. Neta is among our best selling artists and I have enjoyed workeing with her in the past on severl projects.


Jay Kohn