Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ronen Chen: probably my favorite Israeli fashion designer

Ronen Chen is probably my favorite Israeli fashion designer. His clothes have clean lines but with a twist. Structured but not restricting. His designs are sophisticated and interesting but not trying to hard. My two favorite items by Ronen Chen that I love are a charcoal grey folded very open neck, foe wrap sweater. I wear it structured to work and off the shoulder when going out and a black sleeveless black dress. It comes down to the knee and gathers in the middle in a diamond shape. (Why can't I find a picture of these clothes to show you?) The best thing about wearing Ronen Chen clothing is that all of clothes fit the Israeli climate so well. This is especially significant in the summer. I would not want to wear anything but a cool Ronen Chen dress in a hot and sticky Tel Aviv summers day.

You can shop at Ronen Chen shops in Israel in:
Tel Aviv - Shenkin 49
Tel Aviv - Disengoff 155
Hertzelia - arena Mall
Givataim Mall
Jerusalem - Malcha Mall
Jerusalem - Mamila Mall
Haifa/Krayot - Kiryon Mall
Raanana- Renanim Mall
Modiein - Modiein Mall
Rehovot - Wietzman 1
Overstock Shop: 5 Tel Giborim, Tel Aviv
Here are some more of his things I love from Summer 2009:

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