Thursday, July 9, 2009

Naama Betzallel – clothing designer

Naama Betzalel is a clothing designer whose designs are extremely feminine in style with a retro touch. Naama Betzallel's main store on Deizengof street in Tel Aviv also has a bridal department on the top floor. Naama Betzallel's brides dresses are unique and pretty in a feminine but special way, unlike most other bridal gowns you are probably used to seeing.

Naama Betzallel shops:
212 Deizengof street,Tel Aviv
40 Shenkin street,Tel Aviv


Alexandra said...

What is the price range for Naama Betzallel?

Mia* said...

ooo sorry to take so long to answer Alexandra. Prices at the shop are a little on the high side.