Thursday, July 2, 2009

Neta Lidor: Bags and Eco-clothing designer

Neta Lidor נטע לידור was first acknowledged and awarded a plane ticket to Singapore to participate in an Ecological design exhibition for the final project of her designs studies at Witzo design school in Haifa.
The project that won Neta Lidor design recognition was a collection of clothes made form recycled materials such as laundry detergent bags, toothpaste tubes, and milk bags.
Here are some of her designs that won Neta Lidor her first recognition:

During that time Neta started to design bags that integrated old photos, especially those of her two grandmothers; Grandma Sophie the ballerina and Grandma Ella the homemaker.

Neta's clothing of recycled materials took off in Singapore but not so much in Israel. But her bags can be found in accessory shops all over Israel and at the Designers Boutique at Diezengoff center on Thursdays and Fridays, bags are usually between 90-160 NIS.


Carmel said...

That's good to know. I say the bags but didn't know the story of the designer behind them.

Stylecoach said...

Yeah its not good, its very good. You can see how imaginative the designer is. Its really looks so beautiful.