Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's your style? Hila

This is Hila, a 27 year old Occupational Therapist from Kfar Bialik which is a Moshav near the Krayot.
What's your style? As a country girl I especially like to wear clothes that are fun and comfortable. Since I work with children I tend to wear clothes that my friends say are a little, well, childish (flowery, pink and other things that you may find at Zara kids.) I like clothes that are unique and that look good on me. My fetish is bags. I like bags of all types, shapes, sizes and colors and materials.
I especially love brown leather or foe leather.
I also love accessories such as headbands, hair pins, barrets, necklaces, especially in red gold color and Fossil watches.
Davka I don't have so many shoes, and in shoes I tend to buy better quality. I like Ben-Yishai shoes that last very long. Saying that I also have a pair of flops I bought for 100BAT (30NIS) in Tailand.
My favorite shops in Israel: Kumba-Mella, twentyfourseven, Zara, Pull and Bear.
My favorite shops not in Israel: Forever 21, Old navy, H&M
My motto for buying clothes is: why buy a few expensive clothes when you can buy many cheap clothes. For example I bought the cool floral skirt in the picture for 30 NIS at Ramle-Lod Shuk, I also found a nice pair of tailored pants there for 15 NIS.


Carmel said...

Thank you. This is exactly the type of post I was hoping you would do. I love to see real people. Please do more of these.

Mia said...

Hi Carmel. Glad you liked the post. I will try my best to do more. I aim to please.